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English Language

English Language

English Language Course in Australia
Choose from high quality English language courses in Australia, ranging from General English course, small group tuition, secondary school preparation to large university or vocational education centres, English...


Australia School
To attend a school in Australia certain requirements need to be considered. AA Education Network is a resource for parents, educators and the community to give readily accessible information about each of Australia's schools.
High School

High School

High School in Australia
High School is the term used for secondary schools in Australia. In the state of Victoria, High schools are sometimes referred to as secondary colleges. The Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania has high school from Years...


Colleges in Australia
Australia colleges primarily provide vocational education. International students should note that they are not universities. Rather they function as vocational providers and as the bridge between grade school and higher education....


University in Australia
The Australian higher education sector offers international students a wide range of programmes leading to internationally recognised qualifications.
Australia is also a popular study destination for international students...
Work Experience

Work Experience

Work Experience Australia

Work Experience





Your Education History

Goals for Work Experience

Country of Interest
Australia New Zealand...

Au Pair

Au Pair

Au Pair Australia
Au Pair Australia Program
Due to the high level of enquiries, the AA Education Network has arranged an Au Pair program for interested candidates who wish to live, work or study in Australia.
Benefits of the Au Pair Australia program...


The Many Reasons Why Australia Should Be Seen

If anyone is wondering just why they should see Australia; Australia is a land full of culture and a history that reflects on the landscape and way of life; The diverse nationalities- Everyone is welcome; and the well known and even not so well known landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef and even the Devil's Marbles.

Australia is abundant in new cities and of course the outback. But don't forget the wonderful natural habitat of Australia, home to a range of flora and fauna truly unique in the world.

Of course, who can't say that all these points are all there is, when there are so many famous faces from Australia as well including Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Heath Ledger, Keith Urban, there are too many to name!

So before anyone decides that traveling to Australia is not an activity that should be desired, think about some of these things, if not all.

Erin M. O.