English Language Course in Australia

Choose from high quality English language courses in Australia, ranging from General English course, small group tuition, secondary school preparation to large university or vocational education centres, English for business, graphic arts, the hospitality industry, academic studies, or post-graduate studies. We offer internationally recognised English language examinations and special courses in preparation for the Cambridge University examinations, IELTS or TOEFL.

English is a language which open doors for people and their families. You can learn English for immigration or education purposes or for pleasure if you are intent on visiting Australia as a tourist. One can be rest assured that there is a course to suit everyone's taste and interest.



English Language Course Fee

  • language course in Australia: 240 - 370 A$/week
  • living cost will be at least 300 A$ per week

Contact us to get help to enrol for any English course in Australia or if you are unsure of your future study plans. We advise you on further study options too.

English Course