AA Education Network exists to be an umbrella brand name for international education services for very carefully selected education providers in Australia and New Zealand.

The AA Education Network team has over 15 years of proven experience, working in collaboration with an international network of businesses, government agencies and educational institutes.

Quality education counselling is provided for international students at schools, colleges and universities which deliver high quality academic and vocational programmes. 

All schools, colleges and universities are well-established, locally managed and have unique identities. Our education providers offer excellent levels of customer service. They are nationally accredited and their quality is continuously checked by listening to the people who actually use them: agents and students.  

We also carry out quality control visits to ensure that their standards continue to meet the quality brand expectations.

There is a fantastically rich choice of courses available across Australia and New Zealand with far greater variety than you will find in most other education agencies.

Travelling, Living, Working & Studying

Our education portal is the online entry point to a comprehensive array of information and services concerning all aspects and levels of education in Australia and New Zealand.

Education Agents provide free Services

Counsellors prepare you for study or work abroad programs. We helped hundreds of international students to enroll in study and work programs in Australia and New Zealand.

Our References

AA Education Network has received many international student testimonials and references from Education Institutes for their outstanding services. All our Education Counsellors are PIER qualified to be able to provide the highest possible service to our customers.

International Education Australia

International Education Australia

International Education Australia
Education is one of the highest revenue earning options for Australia as the country has numerous world-class institutes, useful study-pathways, and work-oriented or research-oriented programs. Thousands of internationals...
International Education New Zealand

International Education New Zealand

International Education New Zealand
New Zealand is a beautiful country with subtropical forests, vast beaches, pristine lakes, rugged mountainous terrain and volcanic spots. Though the climate is a temperate one, yet, you can experience icy cold winters...